Thursday, January 15, 2009


Where will the Advertiser hide the next Superferry story? I missed one, sorry.

by Larry Geller

I’ve been corrected—the Advertiser did print an article on the February drydocking of the Superferry. I said that they did not. It didn’t turn up in a Google search, nor did I see it when I skimmed through recent newspapers. What I did find was the “breaking news” entry this morning on their website.

It seems there was an earlier story, and I got a nasty email from a reporter to let me know.

But it still takes detective work to find it. The story was in the Tuesday paper hidden again in the Communities section. At least this time it was under “Honolulu” instead of “Ka Iwi Channel.”

Let’s see, several hundred passengers are due refunds, the decision was sudden (why?) and perhaps unplanned, businesses can’t ship their trucks for the duration and will have to make alternative arrangements, so let’s tuck the article away in the Communities section. And then when a blogger misses it, someone please send him a nasty email. Gotcha!

It seems that someone at the paper missed it too, hence today’s “breaking news” repeat.

In my reply I guess I hit back a bit and asked that if they put a Superferry article in middle of the Classifieds next time and I miss it, please let me know.

Anyway, I was wrong, a really persistent reader would have found the story in Tuesday’s paper. Most of us, of course, would not.


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