Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative reference docs

by Larry Geller

There’s nothing like having primary sources of information. Instead of reading an imperfect summary of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, why not have your own set of reference material?

Thanks to DBEDT for providing these documents, which will give you a pretty complete introduction to the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative.

The best thing to do might be to download a zip file with all the documents in it. Just right-click on the link and save the zip file someplace. Or if you’re a Mac user, you know what to do (I don’t).

One of the files is a PowerPoint presentation converted to a SWF file, since not everyone has PowerPoint.. Clicking on it should play the presentation on any computer. Depending on your computer’s settings, you may have to give permission to view the file.

If you would like to download the files individually, here they are. The PowerPoint presentation is first: If you don’t want to download any of these, you can just click on them and they should open in your browser, so you can read them right here. To download, right-click etc.

1.4.09 HCEI 2009 Legislative Package.swf


hcei 2008-10-16 clean.pdf

Exhibit A - 081003.pdf

Exhibit B - HECO Companies Implementation Plan 081007.pdf



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