Friday, January 09, 2009


ColdType Reader focuses on Gaza

by Larry Geller

I’m a fan of what The ColdType Reader has been doing. As a monthly on-line publication, they don’t use up newsprint, there’s no mailing cost, and nothing is left over to put in the landfill. I’ll bet the editor drinks fair trade coffee, too. If I want to print a copy for the bathroom counter, it costs under a buck and two staples to do so.

But let’s cut to the chase on this—ColdType Reader is almost as nimble as a newspaper, and they print full-length articles, not just what fits in a small part of page A3. This month’s special issue (in addition to the regular ColdType Reader) is on Gaza:

ColdType 33

I hope they won’t mind if I copy the list of articles here. You’ll recognize many of the authors.

THE COLDTYPE READER (46-Pages): Hit Me Baby, One More Time (Andy Worthington), Determining Torture Through The Law (Coleen Rowley & Ray McGovern), Through Cheyney's Looking Glass (John S. Hatch), Tasers Are An Outrage We Must Resist (Johan Hari), License To Steal (Danny Schechter), Tales From The Planet Bizare (David Michael Green), Hurwitt's Eye (Mark Hurwitt), Beware Of Obama's Groundhog Day (John Pilger), The Paranoia Squad (George Monbiot), Why They Want To Kill The Motor Industry (Michael I. Niman), Why I'm A Socialist (Chris Hedges),The PU-litzer Prizes for 2008 (Jeff Cohen & Norman Solomon), America's Other Glorious War (William Blum), Obama Going Easy On Bush (Lee Camp), A Lesson In Drug Enforcement (Paul Armentano)

READER EXTRA / 1 (58-pages): Gaza: Massacre Of A Nation: If Gaza Did Not Exist (Jennifer Loewenstein), The Logic Of Colonial Power (Nir Rosen), A New Generation Of Militants (Chris Hedges), The Lying Silence Of Those Who Know (John Pilger), The Monstrosity Of War (Dahr Jamail), Making The Prison More Secure (Jonathan Cook), Molten Lead (Uri Avneri), The Hoax Of Sderot (Stuart Littlewood), Will Things Ever Change (Ramzy Baroud), The True Story Behind The War (Johan Hari), Washington Bears Blame (Bill van Auken), Long And Bloody Hypocrisy (Robert Parry), In The US, Gaza Is A Different War (Habbib Battah), Massacre At A Gaza School (Alan Maas)

Reader Extra / 2 (9-pages): Days Of Anarchy: an excerpt from Up Against The Wall Motherf**ker the new book by Osha Neumann

Try this out. Download your copy. Print or read on-screen. Expand your knowledge of current events beyond what the daily press can bring us.

Jennifer Loewenstein’s article, If Hamas Did Not Exist, would be my suggestion of where to start (the title in the above list is incorrect).

The state terror unleashed from the skies and on the ground against the Gaza Strip as we speak has nothing to do with Hamas. It has nothing to do with “Terror.”

Jennifer Loewenstein is the Associate Director of the Middle East Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Please read widely on the Israel/Palestine issue. What we get in our daily papers and on TV is not what we need to be fully informed citizens. It won’t help us urge our elected officials to do the right thing. We need more than that. This and other on-line sources are a way to get both current information, background and opinion we need and want.


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