Thursday, January 08, 2009


Bloomberg: Obama family unwelcome to stay at Blair House

by Larry Geller

Tuesday’s MSNBC Countdown revealed that Bush just didn’t want Obama to stay at Blair House, and arranged, afterwards, to let John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, stay there for one night to justify the refusal (see,  White House Asked Howard To Stay In Blair House To Give ‘Some Plausible Reason’ For Refusing Obama, 1/7/2009).

Bloomberg journalist Margaret Carlson revealed that when the White House turned down Obama’s request in early December, it had not yet even invited Howard to stay at the Blair House:

The article notes that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Colombian President Álvaro Uribe opted to find other accommodations for their stays in Washington. I wonder if they just didn’t like being near John Howard, or (more likely) didn’t want to participate in an excuse for Bush’s inhospitality.

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