Monday, December 29, 2008


On the Left

by Larry Geller

I just updated some of the links in the left column of this blog. As you see, they are not just plain links, they are headlines for the most recent three articles on the particular blog. I was never satisfied with the logic of the typical “blogroll” which requires readers to click and go somewhere else to find out what’s doing on another blog, or even if it is dead or alive. Here, you can get an overview of what’s hot on selected Hawaii blogs and on some of my favorites from over the pond.

Don’t miss Sam Smith’s insightful essay posted today on Flotsam and Jetsam, Proposition Nine, Ten & Eleven. A snippet unfairly plucked from the middle (because the beginning is good too!):

…what is being presented as a gay vs. straight issue is actually a religion vs. religion issue. Any law against gay marriage is an act establishing religion because it says, for example, that what Mormons or the Reverend Rick Warren believes is more important than the views of Quakers and Unitarians. The Constitution forbids this sort of differentiation as it clearly represents the "an establishment of religion."

Ok, I didn’t want to give it away, but the first part is about applying the carbon cap trading system to marriage. Check it out.



I've enjoyed your blog and hope to check more of it out. Our mutual admiration for what Amy Goodman is doing at Democracy Now! is enough to cause me to drop a 'howdy.' Lastly, lest I not pimp, I had mentioned your blog in my little run-down of blogs that I've spocked in the mere two months that I've been.. of the blog.. Check it out if'n you get bored.. Mahalo. ps- sorry, I would have written an email but I couldn't see your address.

Yes, Amy Goodman is the best!

Oops... I had an email someplace here, but took it away because the spammers figured out my "spamproof" obfuscation. Clever, these spammers.

I noticed on your blog that you are interested in audio interviews. I'll keep watching to see how it goes. I wonder if video is not overtaking audio, though. is " content" supplanting are old friend newsprint. Still, highly-defined words actually fit better on paper..and audio - Jean Shepherd comes to mind. Sometimes, especially in this new "perfect" digital medium, I think less can be more, or what not. So - having just recently approached audio on this ..opportune..platform, yes, I'd like to explore some recorded dialog with some folks. I live with my @36kbps dial-up connection, and have been stoked to be able to regularly catch Democracy Now..among other streaming edifications, if you will. We'll see. Mahalo.

Larry, Happy New Year to you and Jeanette. I didn't take the time to read Sam Smith's article on Prop 9, but I am particularly interested in the case/issue. My problem, I'm afraid, is I'm too far ahead of the curve on the subject. My interest is for a true alternative to marriage for straight AND gay couples. You see, marriage, of and by itself is an inherently religious institution. For the state to insert its nose in this religious business is an automatic abridgement of the separation of church and state. If gay couples -- or straight ones for that matter --really want equal relationships, they should seek to stop the state from issuing licenses for this religious institution of marriage and demand a secular alternative, like civil unions for all. If the state were precluded from issuing anything but civil union certificates, it would be prevented from discrimination based on any religious ideologies.

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