Sunday, December 07, 2008


Of course, proposed wave/wind generators are in precisely the wrong place (if you’re a whale)

by Larry Geller

More on yesterday’s article, Company applies to place Chinese-made wind turbines offshore in Hawaii:

Thanks to Brad Parsons for the Whale Density map. On that map, Red is the highest whale density.

I took the “Project Site” map from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission public filing by Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company, the company that proposes this wave and/or wind installation in Penguin Bank.

It appears that this area has the highest density of whales around the islands, judging from the map.

Morphing the two maps together, what do you think are the odds that this project will be allowed to go through?


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I doubt this project would pass environmental review. But you never know. If they are stationary, reviewers may conclude that the whales can simply swim around the things.

The installation of them is going to disturb the whales. After, with the machinery there, in the way of the whales and with the vibration, that will disturb the whales possibly to the point of them avoiding the area. If they avoid the area, the center of the Sanctuary, it means the whales may adapt and start looking for other places to migrate to where there is less disturbance.

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