Thursday, December 11, 2008


Animals miss the Superferry

by Larry Geller

In the quick bright flash of a nearby lightning hit this morning I thought I saw the animals, two by two, headed through the drenching rain towards the Superferry.

Hey, a thunder crash had just startled me awake, and last night I had dozed off reading the Superferry Chronicles, so I can explain it.

Before disconnecting the computers I checked to see if the animals might get on board today, and it seems not. Hawaii Business News came up with the report first, after I googled mid-morning. Nothing was on the Advertiser breaking news, which is where I look first for this sort of thing.

Unless I’ve missed it, here we are just before 5 pm and still no report in the Advertiser. Maybe they don’t have enough staff to keep track of things, or to read other papers’ on-line reports.

Is this the first cancellation this season? Tracking these cancellations is of some importance, given the investment we taxpayers are making in supporting this private business venture. At least, we need to know how many days it sails, how many it doesn’t, and even how many days it sails when it shouldn’t (barf-wise, that is).


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