Friday, December 12, 2008


Ah Quon McElrath – 1915 - 2008

Ah Quon McElrath meets the press - August 5, 2008

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Ah Quon passed away last night (Advertiser story is here). I cannot tell you how much I will miss her.

Whenever a worthwhile bill was heard at the legislature, she was there, speaking eloquently and fervently for the good cause.

From the Advertiser breaking news today:

McElrath remained an activist for numerous causes throughout her life, prowling the halls of the Legislature to lobby for a wide range of causes including woman's rights, healthcare and occupational safety concerns, educational opportunities, unemployment and disability insurance, gun control and physician-assisted suicide.

This picture was taken August 5, 2008, in front of the Advertiser building, as Ah Quon spoke along with other Friends of the Advertiser to ask that planned layoffs be postponed until a settlement with the unions could be reached.

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AQ MacElrath was a great individual in Hawaii's modern history. Like all people who were great, she also had a shadow which seemed to be cast over Hawaiians more than any other group (when she was on the Board of Regents especially).

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