Thursday, November 13, 2008


New York Times Special Edition hits the streets in New York City, Los Angeles

by Larry Geller

Special Edition - New York Times

“This special edition of The New York Times comes from a future in which we are accomplishing what we know today to be possible.

The dozens of volunteer citizens who produced this paper spent the last eight years dreaming of a better world for themselves, their friends, and any descendants they might end up having. Today, that better world, though still very far away, is finally possible — but only if millions of us demand it, and finally force our government to do its job.” [The New York Times – SE, 7/4/2009]

Click the link in the text for a list of organizations that can help us make this a reality. Clicking on the picture should take you to the front page. Hundreds of thousands of copies of a fake edition of the New York Times were reported to be handed out in New York and Los Angeles by today’s Democracy Now.

Enjoy, before reality sets in again.


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