Sunday, November 09, 2008


Barack Obama and new media

by Larry Geller

What a world of difference. George Bush doesn’t even read newspapers, but Barack Obama’s campaign was powered by new media. Put his name into Google and says he has about 91,800,000 hits. (My name gets 775,000, not too bad, thanks to Elvis.)

Of course, we don’t know if Obama himself ever goes near a keyboard.

Check out this stuff:

There’s probably more Obamamedia out there. Like the Google Maps mashup mentioned above, there is content created by others all over the place.

A serious (though not Obama-related) site to keep an eye on is As Obama’s presidency advances, this site should be a good source of poll analysis and perhaps more. The site nearly brought’s servers to their knees in the heat of the election. It attracted, according to Blogger report, 50 times more comments than the next most commented blog. It’s still worth a visit now, to track the few undecided races and catch up on what really happened on election day. Tags: , , ,


Clinton and W both decided not to (personally) communicate over the internet AT ALL. They had concerns about messages becoming official government records subject to FOIA and archiving laws.

I reckon Obama would have the same concerns. However, the stuff you have described doesn't sound like direct communication with the President, but more like direct communication FROM the President. Not that that is bad, but it is not the huge step forward it could be (i.e. if the internet presence was used as a two-way medium).

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