Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Palin by comparison

by Larry Geller

The Huffington Post has produced what I think is a great page on the coming vice presidential debate, and it seems that (inevitably?) Sarah Palin is the star of it. Check it out.

Huffington Post debate page

One article gathered on this page is Why Sarah Palin Is A Better Debater Than You Think:

Sarah Palin might not give a good interview, and John McCain's advisers might not trust her to give a press conference, but in a highly structured debate like the one we are going to see on Thursday night, she has the ability to be dominant.

Because the format allows for very little give-and-take between Palin and Joe Biden, her "values"-oriented debating style stands a good chance of succeeding. The central feature of her debate style is that rather than getting bogged down in facts and specifics, she instead says what she is for and what she is against using terms like "healthier," "stronger," "more prosperous," and "fairer."
. . .
Given the debate's format on Thursday night, I expect Palin will do just fine. I will be quite surprised if she gets caught off guard or has a moose-in-headlights moment.

What this tells me is that the “debate” isn’t going to be a “debate” as I understand the word. But nevermind, we’ll just have to see how it goes.


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