Monday, October 20, 2008


John Lehman: Superferry board chair, advisor to John McCain, and, according to Mother Jones, a Tailhook participant

by Larry Geller

This article explains the link between former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman and presidential candidate John McCain. Lehman, of course is the chairman of the board of Hawaii Superferry. He is also National Security Advisor to presidential candidate John McCain.

But you probably came here to read this article, though. Do you remember the Tailhook scandals? A snippet:

In his 1995 book, Fall from Glory: The Men Who Sank the U.S. Navy, Greg Vistica, the San Diego Union-Tribune reporter who broke the Tailhook scandal, described a scene from the 1986 Tailhook meeting:

When the door to the suite at the Las Vegas Hilton opened, a prominent member of President Ronald Reagan’s administration and a naked woman were clearly visible. He was lying on his back, stretched out in front of a throng of naval officers. There were probably one hundred men watching him, laughing with him….

Several of the Navy and Marine officers now crammed into the room…knew him personally and worshiped him. Many knew he was married and had three children. Almost everyone knew who he was, which made the show that much more fascinating….

Most of the officers in the room, including the man on his back, were hard-drinking renegades. Some had been partying for days, others for hours. The carpet was spongy and damp from alcohol spilled on it by drunken military men. The room itself reeked with the odor of booze and sweat. But nobody seemed to care much. All eyes were on the man and the naked woman standing over him, wagging her bare rump in a teasing motion. The men in the room went into a throaty uproar at the site, and their cheers and laughs grew louder as the show went on.

The man on the floor was Lehman.

Since this is a family blog, I won’t get into the part about whip cream. You can click on the link above.

This makes the Obama/Ayers thing look like nothing at all. Someone tell Obama’s campaign about this please. Especially the whipped cream report.

Oh, wait… the story might bring McCain some votes.

(thanks to palolo lolo for pointing to the Mother Jones story)


Pretty good scoop, Larry. Who is palolo lolo? E-mail me.

Aloha, Brad

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