Thursday, October 09, 2008


First Hawaiian loan will boost jobs in Idaho

by Larry Geller

This is not terribly important, I’ll admit, at a time when the world is so troubled, but as you read the breaking news item, Hoku Scientific enters $5M loan agreement with First Hawaiian, just note that the money will go to benefit Idaho, not Hawaii. Their plant is not here, it’s there. In Idaho. Jobs are not being created here, they’ll be hiring in Idaho. Idaho. Hoku Scientific. Idaho.

Hoku might be considered to be, de facto, a Mainland company in Aloha shirts. I find it strange that our newspapers follow it so consistently when we ought to think about creating jobs here in Hawaii, especially now, as economic thunder clouds gather on the horizon.


This is tangential at best, but back in December as a group of us planned for a trip from Oahu to Maui on the Superferry to do an on-board protest, it became clear that the Superferry's ticketing operation was not located in Hawai'i.

I kept trying to figure out if our trip would be cancelled because of surf conditions, so we could save the airfare to Honolulu. When I asked the ticketing agent whether surf conditions would delay the ferry, she told me she didn't think so because the weather report predicted sunshine. (In Hawai'i of all places!) That and her mispronunciation of place names made it abundantly clear that I was speaking to someone in a call center the midwest or something.

Thanks for the heads up.

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