Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Collective action during the last depression

by Larry Geller

I was just gathering links for a post on polling, going into the general election. On Sam Smith’s home page (The Progressive Review) is a link to “when the farmers took on the banks,” the story of collective action to save farms from foreclosure in Nebraska.

We already saw a successful action in New York City, though it save only one home.

Of course, the mainstream press doesn’t want you to know about this. We are supposed to be sheep, not take a part in our own destiny. Even the idea of a “stimulus payment” is to save big business—perhaps Wal-Mart—not us.

Unless something is done, foreclosures will continue unabated.

Does anyone think that the banks or financial institutions are going to give anyone back their home as a gift? Of course not. If the system is to be changed in our favor, we’ll have to attend to it.


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