Sunday, September 28, 2008


Tina Fey for VP

by Larry Geller

I’ll get to more serious stuff later (though the possibility that Sarah Palin could one day be president is pretty darn serious and scary). My time is being stolen away by HP technical support this weekend.

Last night Tina Fey did a darn good job, IMHO, in her mock interview with Amy Poehler.

I was amazed at how much like Palin Fey looked. If Palin should become VP (or Yikes!, president), and needs to rush out to check on the kids, Fey could substitute for her and no one might know.

It’s possible that Fey put more study time into her appearance than Palin did for her debacle with Katie Couric. She might have been reading lines from a screen off-camera because her eye were focused intently forward. She looked straight at Poehler as she answered. If you check the video of the genuine Palin, her eyes hinted that she was grasping to remember (if you follow or believe in NLP you probably got that).

I was also impressed that Fey could use Palin’s actual words so effectively for the spoof. I liked this setup in particular: Fey/Palin was asked about how she would promote democratic values overseas, and responded, "Katie, I'd like to use one of my lifelines. I want to phone a friend." But that wasn’t allowed, so came the reality quote: "Well, in that case, I'm just gonna have to get back to ya."

Here is the second, followed by the first SNL Palin skit, in case you missed it or want to send them to someone.



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