Monday, September 29, 2008


Please call Obama’s Hawaii HQ and fight the bailout

by Larry Geller

Ok, here’s the number that I couldn’t find before. Obama’s Hawaii HQ doesn’t list a phone number on their website, but someone called me with it:

Obama Hawaii HQ: 593-9757

It works, I just made my phone call. Please make yours!

And the New York Times seems to agree with me that representatives are afraid of us because they are up for election:

Among opponents of the rescue plan, some Republicans cited ideological objections to government intervention, and liberal Democrats said they were of no mind to race to aid Wall Street tycoons. Other critics complained about haste and secrecy in assembling the plan.

But lawmakers on both sides pointed to an outpouring of opposition from deeply hostile constituents just five weeks before every seat in the House was up for election as a fundamental reason that the measure was defeated. House members in potentially tough races and those seeking Senate seats fled from the plan in droves.

So for a change they are listening! To us deeply hostile constituents! Amazing.

Feel your power. Call now.

What to say when you call? Probably you get an answering machine, so not to worry. Say anything you like. You could say:

I don’t think this bailout bill is a good idea, tell Obama not to support it.

You don’t want Congress to pass any bill like this one, that uses taxpayer money to pay back the banks and investment firms for their bad bets.

You don’t want any bill passed that does not protect homeowners and stop foreclosures.

You could ask Obama to support voters instead of the big money financial firms.

Tell him you don’t want Paulson to make himself rich over this crisis which he helped create.

Or try something like others have said:

“I am hoping Congress can find the backbone to stand on their feet and not their knees before BIG BUSINESS,” one correspondent wrote to Representative Jim McDermott of Washington.

“NO BAILOUT, I am a registered republican,” one constituent wrote. “I will vote and campaign hard against you if we have to subsidize the very people that have sold out MY COUNTRY.”

“The last time that Congress hurriedly passed legislation that the administration presented as ‘urgent’ we got the Patriot Act, with its mix of necessary reforms and onerous civil rights abuses,” one of Senator Brown’s constituents wrote. “Do not fall into this trap again.”

(from a NY Times article)

Yes, we can make a difference. Please call today and leave a message.

And thank you!


Thanks to the folks who opposed this bailout legislation now we are going to facing the Great Depression Part II.

Hopefully Congress will be able to reach an amicable agreement on this matter within the next couple days. If not we’ll be probably seeing the economy falter further and more layoffs. There is even a possibility we may be facing another Great Depression. Especially since banks have severely curtailed extending credit to main street and other banks.The economy can’t recover or grow without banks extending credit.

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