Monday, September 22, 2008


Michael Moore giving away his latest film

by Larry Geller

Downloads began (kind of) at midnight Eastern time, or 6 p.m. today Hawaii time. Immediately, servers were swamped.

But they added bit torrent trackers, and two high-quality torrents are working fine. If you don’t want to know anything about bit torrents, skip to the end of this article.

To get your copy, best to try here. The mp4 torrent has some peers and is already very healthy, the higher quality DIvX should be healthy in a couple of hours. My download was running at an amazing 247 kB/s for a short while but has settled down now to about 126kB/s. So I’m about 20 minutes away from having my own copy of the film.

For anyone not into torrents, you can right-click and save as usual. By morning it could be on your hard disk.

If all that sounds like a lot of trouble, just click here, break out the popcorn, and relax.


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