Monday, September 01, 2008


Gustav bloggers—live news from the storm center

by Larry Geller

Follow Gustav tweets over in the left column of Disappeared News

Hook yourself into the Gustav Blogger network. Blog posts, live webcams, twitter. It should all be focused on the coming storm from the ground in New Orleans. It should be coverage you won’t find in the media, at least until some time later.

Here are the links. Don’t be surprised if some of them are slow (Firefox users may time out). Much of the blogosphere is watching these sites, so the network load must be huge.

Gustav Bloggers:

New Orleans Live Cams:

Even commercial media is tuning in to the New Orleans twitter users for breaking news—such as this just in:

Tchefuncte River tops banks at Madisonville

David Galloway looked over the rising tide, while perched with flashlight and knee-high boots underneath the awning of the Riverside Bar on, fittingly, Water Street.

"It's coming now, worried about my house," he said, fidgeting slightly with the flashlight.

New Orleans weather (there are many other sources):

Gustav Monday

(click for larger)

(not a live image)

[Disappeared News itself disappeared for a couple of days three years ago as Katrina flood waters devastated New Orleans—turns out that the domain registrar (which also handles the redirect to was located there. They got things running again quickly, and at the same time I learned that there were bloggers staying in town throughout the emergency. Their jobs were considered essential, because they ran a key data center.]

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