Thursday, September 18, 2008


Don’t be dumb like Palin—how to protect your password

by Larry Geller

Yeah, someone who is aspires to be a heartbeat away from being president should have known better.

You can be smarter than Sarah Palin. Choose good passwords and obscure answers to challenge questions.

Want advice? A good place to start is this Lifehacker article. Be sure to follow the links, especially to blogger Danah Boyd's suggestion on creating answers to security questions.

The Lifehacker article also suggests checking out password managers and a link recommends five of them. My favorite is the free program KeePass, but I’ll check into Skipper also, after just reading about it for the first time.

Now, security is more than just passwords. Do you want me to scare you? Read this:

Suppose someone broke into your home tonight and stole your computer….?

But how many of us lock down our computers to discourage outright theft? There are solutions out there. For example, here.

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