Saturday, August 02, 2008


Tune in to live blogging from Guantanamo military commission

by Larry Geller

Want an alternative peek at the Hamdan military commission underway at GITMO? Follow the action with ACLU’s Ben Wizner’s live blog. The latest dispatch is here.

If you follow this, keep in mind that the outcome, likely predetermined anyway, won’t make a bit of difference to the defendant as long as they can keep him locked up win or lose as an “enemy combatant.” Yes, the judge can declare him innocent, and Bush can still keep and torture him.

In 2006 the Supreme Court decided that Bush did not have the authority to create these military commissions. Congress did the president a big favor by passing the Military Commissions Act and thumbing its collective nose at the Court.

So Hamdan won, but then he lost. As he might in the current proceeding. (Was Hamdan a terrorist? He seems to have been Bin Laden’s driver. He had as low a job as one could get, I imagine, other than the cleaning staff in Bin Laden’s cave. Some important catch.)

This is American justice at work. Shame on us.


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