Friday, August 08, 2008


Best seat in the house for Obama rally—your computer, tuned to Advertiser streaming video

by Larry Geller

As I write this, Neil Abercrombie is in fine form, and I can see it all up front and close. He just introduced Mufi. Ooops, actually everything has gone back to the beginning.

Nevermind. I was able to hear and watch Obama clearly. It’s a great service. Had I fought the crowds to be there in person, I’d be stuck in the back or off to the side someplace. This was much better, for me, anyway.

The Advertiser front page described several ways they were going to cover today’s rally. Skip the twitter, just give me video.

Of course, everyone on any island (or the Mainland, or maybe even Mars) can tune in. We could use more of this just because we’re a state made up of islands.


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