Saturday, August 09, 2008


AP disappears your news on oil pipeline

by  Larry Geller

I keep going back to this: as long as Hawaii papers rely on select AP stories, you’re not going to get the news.

Reuters There was no mention of the pipeline in the AP story in your morning paper, or that there was an explosion along the pipeline, presumably after an attack by Russian jets. You would have found that out from almost any other source. Several articles would have alerted you to the geopolitical concerns. In fact, there was an AP story that came close. But it wasn’t in our paper.

Oil is fueling a new “cold war.” The BTC pipeline is part of it. Yesterday’s Disappeared News article mentioned the tit-for-tat involving Venezuela: the US interferes in Russia’s sphere of influence, they interfere in ours (Chavez’ brand new Su-30 fighters). Don’t you want to know about all this?


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