Monday, July 21, 2008


Why impeachment matters, but will we ever get there?

by Larry Geller

[Dennis Kucinich, in a statement last week] "Our Constitution is being destroyed. We are losing our nation to a war based on lies. I am determined to get this bill to committee for a hearing," he said. "The President has conducted the affairs of the nation in a manner which cries out for justice and it is the Constitutional obligation of Congress to check his wanton abuses of U.S. and international law. We have troops whose lives were put on the line because the President told them Iraq was a threat to the United States and it was not. The loss of lives of our troops and of innocent Iraqi civilians is a direct result of the lies this president told to Congress. He must be held accountable."

Judiciary Chairman John Conyers will hold a hearing on Bush’s “imperial presidency.” The vote was 238-180:

There were no Democratic votes against holding the hearing. While 180 Republicans voted to follow their Dear Leader lock-step over the cliff, 10 Republicans abstained and nine Republican members of Congress voted with the Democrats.

Kucinich, who earlier this week smartly summarized why Impeachment matters, promises a surprise witness against Bush. Also from CQ Politics: "An unidentified government official of a U.S. ally wants to participate if and when Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich makes his case to impeach President Bush before the House Judiciary Committee, according to the Ohio Democrat."

[article in, 7/17/2008]

Nancy Pelosi will resist letting the hearings move towards impeachment if she can. Maybe it depends on who squawks at the hearing. 

I wonder who the surprise witness might be?

This could feel so good if it moves forward, but so bad if the Democrats protect Bush. And they will. They funded his war, remember, and gave him unprecedented powers to spy on us. It’s like they love the guy.

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And the Democrats wonder why Congress has an approval rating of about 13%. ;o)

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