Monday, July 07, 2008


Governor Lingle strikes back at seniors, women inmates

by Larry Geller

Monday rally Coincidence or not, Gov. Lingle struck out $500,000 from the Kupuna Care appropriation made by the Legislature today. The bill will become law, (but who knows when she will release the rest of the money??).

I am not sure I know the implications of this; more when I hear from advocates.

I guess she hasn’t had a chance to try the prune juice yet.

Also today, the Governor struck out the $100,000 in funding that the Department of Public Safety was to use to develop a plan to ensure that female inmates returning to Hawaii from the mainland have adequate housing, community supervision, medical care, drug treatment, reintegration programs, employment training, and transitional services. You can see what that bill looks like with the strike-out (on page 3, initialed “LL”) here.

Finally, she did sign into law the reduced ignition cigarette law. That should help cut down on house and brush fires.


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