Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Kauai demonstration opposes desecration of iwi on oceanfront lot

by Larry Geller

Journalist Joan Conrow was at a planned ceremony/demonstration at an oceanfront lot at Naue in Kauai this morning. She posted a report on it, Musings: Rest in Peace?, which I hope you will read.

The issue, to which I do an injustice by oversimplifying it, is that a house is to be built on a site which has been discovered to contain iwi, Hawaiian ancestral remains.

While there are state laws on how iwi are to be treated, this site appears to be special, and building a house on top of the remains seems highly disrespectful and wrong. Of course, the guy who wants to build it thinks differently. And so we have the conflict, the subject of this morning's action. Joan reports about 50 people attending, and you'll read that there has been an ongoing vigil on the site as well.

Yes, there was confrontation, and it was peaceful. And no, the issue isn't resolved. But I was impressed at everyone's willingness to talk to each other, as Joan reports. Please click the link and check out her story. I'm sure there will be more before this is resolved.

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Larry, the shocking trend appears to be that where large amounts of money are involved that desecration of iwi has become an increasingly acceptable trend over the past 5 to 10 years. It seems that burial councils and county councils/planning commissions are much more amenable to this than they were say 2 to 3 decades ago. I reference the development at Kapalua Bay presently compared to the development on Fleming beach two decades ago. Kaiulani on Kauai is effectively stating what should be obvious, "The emperor has no closes." Aloha, Brad

katy rose's blog will have additional info as well.

the mood was very somber but rich in a cultural and spiritual sense. today's gathering will be a different scene, i imagine. Yesterday's minimal KPD presence will most likely not be repeated. If crews and police show up, the protesters as well as the spiritual and cultural mood will be arrested.

The "Burial Council" should be renamed the "Grave Desecration Facilitation Council" from the several meetings that I've attended they seem clueless. Ignorant of even the basic aspects of Robert's Rules of Order and certainly any sensitivity that what they are doing is an offense to the deceased. If this were Jerusalem and they were treated graves this way there would be riots.

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