Thursday, April 17, 2008


Superferry under the microscope

by Larry Geller

Advertiser Top news in the Advertiser today is the story, Audit: Superferry drove state actions:

The state may have compromised its environmental policy because of pressure from Hawaii Superferry executives who were worried about financing for the interisland ferry project, the state auditor has concluded.

The Advertiser web article helpfully includes this link to the auditor's report stored also on their website. At this writing, the report is not yet available online from the Auditor. Update: the Auditor's report is now available here.

Update: The Star-Bulletin also ran an Associated Press report, Superferry exemption was forced, audit finds.

Ian Lind posted this note today about letters he has sent looking into potential unreported lobbying violations. The links are given below:

I submitted letters to the State Ethics Commission this week urging the commission to look at what appear to be unreported lobbying expenditures by Hawaii Superferry and the organization National Popular Vote.

Ian writes, in part (please see his complete letter):

I am writing to call the Commission’s attention to the apparent failure of Hawaii Superferry Inc. to comply with the public disclosure requirements of Chapter 97-3(c) HRS during the period covering calendar year 2007, and potentially during 2006 as well.

Hawaii Superferry Inc. has reported amounts paid to its registered lobbyists during 2007. No other expenditures were reported during the calendar year.

However, via published reports and by personal experience, it is clear that Hawaii Superferry Inc. and its agents have engaged in substantial additional activities that meet the definition of lobbying and should have been reported to the commission and disclosed to the public.



Like Ian's letter.

Aloha, Brad

with bloggers highlighting KKCR interviews and follow up, Derrick D's Advertiser piece, and news of union bustin' from Austal & Hornblower on top of low patronage sure helps to foster the view of many who predicted
HSF would be a repeat of the seaflight ferry of years past.

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