Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Safety first, who can argue with that

by Larry Geller

It seems that the FDA has jurisdiction over sanitary conditions aboard ships. Barf is a bodily fluid, right? Might it transmit hepatitis and who knows what else? Do you want to visit a puke-covered bathroom without taking protective measures, or be the unlucky innocent passenger next to someone who suddenly can't control the urge? Or happen to be in the restroom when the multitudes bust the door down to get in?

Until we learn more, I leave you with this photo, plucked from the Santa Clara County fire department Fashionable Hazmatwebsite.  They have plenty of other styles to choose from, including some that might provide sunburn protection as well. They also have explanations of the different labeled parts.

Who knows, this could set a fashion trend for seagoing tourists to Hawaii.
Reports of yesterday's ferry ride indicated that there were maybe a couple dozen passengers on board. Imagine the same sea conditions (which are not unusual for Hawaii) and 400 or so passengers, which is apparently the target. If the bathrooms are sloppy now, just imagine... and be prepared.

Ultimate Hazmat suit

This model looks like it might fold up into carry-on luggage.

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