Monday, April 14, 2008


Hawaii and Indonesian military in news again

by Larry Geller

It was refreshing to read in William Cole's story in the Advertiser, Isle Guard trains in Indonesia:

U.S. military ties with Indonesia were cut by the Clinton administration in 1999 over human-rights violations. The Bush administration restored full military relations in 2005.

This extra background could alert readers that there is more to the story than just a report of Hawaii National Guard participation in joint military exercises held in Jakarta.

Now, getting you the link above was a bit of work. I cannot find military news linked from the Advertiser's new website at all. I looked and looked. If it's there, I was not successful. I tried Google, but that didn't find it either. Nor was military news on the site map. Only knowing the story title and searching with the site's search engine turned it up.

I continue to question why Hawaii should have anything to do with the murderous Indonesian military. Any assistance we give them (for example, the helicopter repairs noted in earlier articles) only works against the people they oppress and kill.

Perhaps the next governor will rethink this.


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