Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Alakai defect allegations break into mainstream, kind of

by Larry Geller

Well, it's not in the paper yet, it's not even in breaking news, but reporter Derrick DePledge has posted an article, Guerrilla Radio on his widely read Capitol Notebook Advertiser blog.

It's a good article and brings the issue to the attention of his many readers, including other members of the mainstream press.

So although the article didn't detail the allegations of concrete poured in cracks and suspect welds, etc., perhaps more people will listen to the original interview and learn about the alleged defects (find it here).

If a paper or TV program does pick this up, perhaps the ferry company will respond so that passengers may be assured that the ship is safe (if not always pleasant) to ride.

I couldn't resist that last jab. My taxes are filed and I need even small pleasures like that.

DePledge observed at the end of his article:

The interview has caused a stir among several bloggers and activists who have picked over the Superferry project.

Yup, we're picking over what perhaps the mainstream press might pick over as well. After all, these allegations are of safety issues. Shouldn't we all be concerned?

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# jimmy t:
April 22nd, 2008 at 2:25 pm

Interesting that the HSF does not want to comment on subject. HSF officials declined to comment when approached by KKCR local affair programmer Scott Majerus. Now they are stonewalling the local press as well. Something hidden in the hulls? Mahalo Derrick for pursuing some leads here and helping to highlight some of the unfair labor conditions at Austal USA. Perhaps a little truth will emerge from the HSF team that so far has led many astray with big promises and little on delivery

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