Wednesday, April 02, 2008


1,000 Friends of Kaua‘i appeal Superferry decision

by Larry Geller

From an article in yesterday's Garden Island, Kaua‘i group appeals Superferry rulings:

Claiming that Hawaii Superferry profits do not trump federally mandated environmental requirements, attorneys filed an opening brief in the Intermediate Court of Appeals this week.

Attorneys argued in the brief that Kaua’i should enjoy the same constitutional protections afforded to everyone else in the state.

The article details the group's arguments. It also raises anew the extent to which the governor's office was cooperating with the ferry company in avoiding completion of environmental assessments:

Though the Lingle administration has claimed it was surprised by the Hawaii Supreme Court ruling for an EA in the Maui case, Hempey said, “the fact the DOT wrote four separate letters to exempt four harbors back in 2005 suggests that they were trying to circumvent environmental law all along.”



Check this out:

Christie ain't reportin' on that yet.

Aloha, Brad

Has anyone got a link to the Hempey-Myers filing yet?

It's particularly interesting- at lest to me- that, if the report is accurate, for the first time federal NEPA laws are being referred to in an HSf suit.

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