Monday, March 31, 2008


No save, it's the end for Aloha it seems

by Larry Geller

This just posted on the Advertiser's website:

Governor tries to intervene in Aloha bankruptcy case

However, in case the petition fails, the governor said the state has also activated a rapid response team to help the 3,500 Aloha employees and their families, who will face the most immediate effects of the airline closure

Bankruptcy judge will not stop Aloha shutdown

and that "gut and replace" corporate welfare bill has passed the Senate:

State Senate passes tax relief for interisland airlines

Over at the Star-Bulletin, an AP story:

State leaders scramble in attempt to save Aloha

About 1,900 employees may be affected by a shutdown, Lingle said. A government labor team has been formed to evaluate their job skills and determine what type of job placement assistance might be needed.

And by Star-Bulletin staff:

Court rejects state bid to save Aloha Airlines

Maybe we'll learn soon how many employees Aloha actually has (had).

Just a closing thought: the same number of passengers need to fly without Aloha as when it was flying. Surely there will be jobs for some Aloha employees. It still takes pilots, mechanics, etc., to get all of those people back and forth.

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The Governor and Legislative leadership are totally out of place trying to pursue "special privilage" legislation instead of all the good energy and sustainability bills already in the Legislature.

Aloha Airlines needed working capital right now, not Linda Lingle's incompetence. Hate to say it, but the Act.2 paradigm of government intervention in the free market for the sake of special privilage to one company is what was attempted and the Federal Judge saw that for what it is. Too bad the voters haven't also seen that.

BTW, Lee Cataluna and Derrick DePledge both had good articles today. Aloha, Brad

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