Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Help save public access TV with a phone call

by Larry Geller

If you believe that free speech on public access TV (`Olelo, Akaku, etc.) is important, please take the time for one quick phone call.

SB1789 is being held up. This is the bill that would clarify the law and exempt public access television from going out to bid.

Please call Rep. Kyle Yamashita at 586-6330 or email him at and ask him to pass SB1789 out of his EDB committee today so it can move forward and become law.

Remember, if public access television goes out to bid, it could end up run by a subsidiary of Fox News or even a religious broadcasting group. Anything could happen if an organization wants to put enough money into creating a bid that wins them access to Hawaii's public access channels. That would not be good.

Please call right away. It's quick. Thanks for your help.


Ho`ike on Kaua`i has ALREADY been takenover by the religious right. It's not that simple. Akaku is a model of what access should be. Ho`ike is the opposite with `Oleleo somewhere in between.

They PEG centers need to become state entities run democraticly by law and taken out of DCCA. It's the privataziation and unaccountability that are the problem.

Other reforms are band-aids with unintended consequences

Lance the abscess - Vote no on SB 1789

The Current PEG entities are GOLEMs (Government-Originated Legally Enforced Monopolies) funded by state mandated cable subscriber fees.

Please vote "no" on this bill and insist State Procurement law be followed. To exempt these state created non-profits from the procurement law excludes other non-profits from competing and creates not only the appearance but the reality of government controlled speech posing as public access TV.

This is to inform the few token public producers that support exemption of this government created monopoly for fear of a corporate takeover which would end their special services, that their nightmare has already come true a Government-Originated Legally Enforced Monopolies.

None are so blind as a narcissist staring at their own personal benefit.


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