Friday, March 07, 2008


Help reduce the landfill fill--with one phone call

by Larry Geller

We recycle our newspapers. But I noticed that next to the mail boxes at our condo, the garbage can is full of Advertiser "People" sections. These are now mailed to us instead of being included with the rest of the paper. Those in the garbage can will all go into the landfill and won't be recycled.

Maybe the scene is repeated around the city—people throwing out junk mail envelopes and this ad section too. Just look at the current issue. The lead story is "BMW's Short honored as 'Dealer of the Year." Who needs that??

There's a rebellion in progress. People are reacting to the quantity of junk mail that they simply throw away. I was glad to see this in yesterday's Advertiser Breaking News on-line (snippet):

Hawaii among states pushing 'do not mail' effort

Washington Post

WASHINGTON — One more challenge for the Postal Service: people who just say no. Unlike the national "do not call" registry, the "do not mail" effort is developing state by state, including in Hawai'i.

And this, from today's paper: U.S. Postal Service fighting efforts to block junk mail.

Well, we received our first and last "People." Like bringing our own tote bags when shopping, one family stopping "People" makes only a small difference. But if more people started doing it, we'd make a contribution to the environment for everyone.

All you need to do is call 538-6397 and ask them to stop delivering "People." And they are very ready for your call. After waiting on hold a short while, a friendly voice came on. I said that I'm calling about the People section that came in the mail the other day. She asked if I'd like to stop it, and I said that I would.

They probably get a bunch of calls. Why else would someone call about this section except to stop it?

So I did my tiny bit for the environment today. 538-6397 is the magic number. Call before 10 a.m., I think, or they close.


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