Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ok, I missed a simple truth about the $100 breakfast during session

by Larry Geller

Several people have pointed out to me that in my article on fundraisers during session I left out a very simple truth.

Most $25 fundraisers are in the community the lawmaker represents. There is often lots of food, entertainment and fun for the entire family. The example I gave was not in the representative's community, this $100 affair was held in the heart of corporate Honolulu and was priced out of the reach of many individuals.

 HerkesI didn't mention that Bob Herkes represents part of the Big Island, yet this fundraiser was held in downtown Honolulu. So no fun for families, in fact, very little chance that many of his constituents could make the trip to be there.

Let's keep pushing for a ban on corporate contributions this session. We can also take note of these out-of-district fundraisers held during session. It's all part of the same fabric.

If you see any ads like the above, please let me know.



I'm not really even sure why they provided food frankly.

The simple truth is that all corporate contributions are anonymous bribes and that business lobbying is not a victimless crime.. Shut it down.

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