Saturday, March 08, 2008


Corporate contributions bill fast-tracked--act now to stop the tsunami

by Larry Geller

The bill to increase corporate campaign money has been fast-tracked for a hearing in the House Judiciary committee on Tuesday at 2:00pm in Room 325.

So if you'd like to help stop the flood of corporate contributions that SB2204 would allow, your testimony needs to be sent in soon! Ask the Judiciary Committee to amend this bad bill to ban corporate donations to campaigns.

Please don't count on someone else to do this, your testimony is important. And it's easy to do!

According to the hearing notice, you may submit testimony in one of the following ways:

PAPER:    5 copies (including an original) to Room 302 in the State Capitol;

FAX:        For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to 586-9456 (Oahu) or 1-800-535-3859 (Neighbor Islands); or

EMAIL:    For comments less than 5 pages in length, transmit to

It says:

Persons wishing to offer comments should submit testimony at least 24 hours prior to the hearing with a transmittal cover indicating:

· Testifier's name with position/title and organization;
· The Committee the comments are directed to;
· The date and time of the hearing;
· Measure number; and
· The number of copies the Committee is requesting. 

Hey-- nothing could be easier. Send off your email by Monday. What you want them to do is amend SB2204 to ban corporate contributions. Tell them in your own words why, if you like, but tell 'em. Send something, even if it is late.

And thanks!


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