Friday, February 08, 2008


We help build a reactor in Iran, then bomb it maybe later

by Larry Geller

Where else but on Democracy Now! can one learn all these interesting things? In the previous post I followed up on a Democracy Now! report (10 p.m. channel 56 on Oahu) about corporations deputized to shoot to kill, and now this scary piece about the US indirectly subsidizing the same Iranian nuclear program that Bush says is a threat to the US:

U.S. Indirectly Subsidizing Iranian Nuclear Plant

In news from Capitol Hill, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce has revealed the Energy Department is subsidizing two Russian nuclear institutes that are building important parts of the Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran. The Bush administration has accused Iran of using the Bushehr reactor as a cover for a nuclear weapons program. According to House Democrats, the Energy Department has sent $4 million to the Russian institutes as part of a program set up to prevent nuclear proliferation.

Congressman John Dingell of Michigan said “It is troubling that DOE would subsidize or otherwise support Russian institutes providing technology and services to the Iranian nuclear program.”

So let me figure this out... we subsidize Russian nuclear institutes that are helping Iran build its nuclear reactor, the one that Bush wants to bomb them about. Maybe Bush actually follows through and bombs Iran. Of course, there will be massive protests all over this country (not to mention in Iran). So Bush declares martial law. Then, if you've read the previous article, snipers can shoot you from the safety of their corporate offices in downtown Honolulu if you're just walking down the street nearby.

Now I understand. If you still don't, then you haven't read the previous article yet.

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Thanks for the info! There is a more detailed article on this at the International Herald Tribune.

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