Monday, February 04, 2008


A teacher's comment on the drug testing question

A new comment was posted today on an old (Oct. 2007) article. It appears to be from a teacher, commenting on Drug testing of Hawaii teachers--why in the world did they agree to it?

I thought I would move it up so that everyone could read it.

Anonymous said...

Why would teachers agree to drug testing in the first place.

If you live in Hawaii or heard about Hawaii's cost of living, this may give you a better idea of why I did vote YES on the pay raise and yes to drug testing. It was pretty much because I felt blackmailed and really truly needed the money. I have been swamped with debt ever since I moved out here. I normally live paycheck to paycheck which is fine when you're in your twenties, but when you start to hit middle age, it becomes harder and harder to deal with. Furthermore this pay raise has really not even helped me, with rent rises and the cost of gasoline and electric going sky high, it seems like I take a pay cut every year.



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