Monday, February 04, 2008



by Larry Geller

Sea SickJust in case you haven't seen George Peabody's video of the Superferry, click here.

I wonder if it might have been off the Barf-o-Meter scale completely during that voyage.

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Reminds me of a story my friend told me of when on a cruise in the Caribbean, the "computer" malfunctioned that guided the balancing/leveling of the ship and she lunged forward, then backward, then to the leeward side, then the windward side. Unlike the Superferry, corporate office decided to sail her to the next port and give generous "sorry" money.


Here is a little bit better version of the video:

Aloha, Brad

P.S. The Beaufort enhanced Barf-O-Meter is almost finished.

Juan Wilson noticed that the drop off that wave in that video looks like at least 30 feet. It may have been a rogue set, but anyway by the Barf-O-Meter that would be either:

Level 5 Purple Widespread Puking
for waves up to 19.5 ft
Level 6 Black Certain Puking
"Unsafe Conditions and/or Not Operating"
for waves 20 feet and beyond

Aloha, Brad

New Seastate Barf-O-Meter Index (version 2.1) at:

Aloha, Brad

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