Wednesday, February 06, 2008


House committee votes to blow lid off corporate contribution limits

by Larry Geller

There was only testifier in favor of HB2455 this afternoon—Speaker Calvin Say's accountant. All other testimony was against.

But it passed anyway. Amazing, isn't it, that all the testimony in opposition came to nothing.

The committee vice chair, Blake Oshiro, had an amendment ready, so I am wondering if it really mattered if we all testified or didn't.

Only Rep. Cynthia Thielen spoke against the bill and voted No. She spoke well and spoke forcefully, and no doubt that led to many of the "with reservations" votes. But in this case "with reservations" is a crock, because no other committee will hear this bill. It was given only a single referral, a great way to push a bill through the system without much scrutiny.

Rep. Thielen deserves thanks for her stand against this very bad bill. She also spoke in favor of publicly funded elections.

The House Judiciary committee just voted itself into the pockets of large corporations who will no doubt rush to buy their cooperation.

Here is the record of the votes. I have awarded a big "Thank You!" symbol to Rep. Thielen for doing the right thing. To those who voted to take more money from corporations, they get the "Corporate Money Grabber" symbol.

thanks   No   Rep. Cynthia Thielen
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Tommy Waters
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Blake Oshiro
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Josh Green
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Ken Ito
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Sylvia Luke
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Barbara Marumoto
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Kymberly Pine
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Alex Sonson
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Joseph Souki
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Clift Tsuji
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Ryan Yamane
Moneybags   Yes   Rep. Kyle Yamashita


SB3141 comes up before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow (Wednesday) at 09:00 in room 016. If you can come down, please do.


Thanks for that information. It really bugs me that my Rep from Kona, Josh Green voted for this bill.

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