Wednesday, February 20, 2008


High caucus turnout should be a lesson to Hawaii Democrats

by Larry Geller

I've used the old joke before, about Hawaii's typically low voter turnout: If God wanted us to vote, He'd give us candidates!

Last night saw a record of more than 37,000 people overwhelm the caucuses.

Let that be a lesson for local Democrats. Given candidates, people will come.

We would not now have the PR myth of Linda Lingle's popularity had Democrats been able to field a candidate who inspired the voters as we see they can be inspired. Can the party find someone by 2010? Hoping there will be a Democratic governor to follow Lingle might be an empty hope unless someone appears who is capable of earning the vote.


that fact that it mattered helped too.

amazing that the 2004 caucus had about 4000 people, and that was considered high. Over a nine-fold increase.

Meanwhile in WI, well over twice the number of Dems voted as Republicans, continuing the trend that has happened in every state so far, I think. remarkable political season.

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