Sunday, February 24, 2008


Help defeat bad bill that lifts cap on corporate contributions in Hawaii, help pass publicly funded elections

Voter Owned Elections has circulated an email I'll reproduce here, on 2 quick actions that you can take to help out and a reminder about tomorrow's news conference.

1. Click Here To Stop The Money Tsunami!

BACKGROUND -- 22 states and the federal government have banned direct corporate contributions to legislators, since corporations can influence laws in may other ways and to help prevent conflict of interest corruption.  In 2006, Hawaii legislators accidentally placed a $1,000 restriction on these types of contributions.  Now, legislators are considering lifting that $1,000 limit allowing for 100 times more corporate money to flow into campaigns, creating a tsunami of corporate money.  Help us move forward on issue, not backwards.

2. Click Here To Tell Legislators To Pass The Big Island Public Funding Bill!

BACKGROUND -- For nine straight years, we've been working to upgrade our outdated partial public funding system.  In the 1978 Constitution Convention, voters realized private money has a negative influence on the law making process, and created the partial public funding system.  Now, the Democratic Party of the state of Hawaii, along with the Hawaii County Council and all of our supporters are calling on state legislators Senators Colleen Hanabusa, Brian Taniguchi, Clayton Hee, Russell Kokubun, and Lorraine Inouye, along with Representative Calvin Say, to "pass the bill, not the buck!" 

3.  Reminder!  Press Event Tomorrow, Monday, Feb 24 at 10:00 am  at the Capitol steps on the mauka side!

          Come join us, along with TV, newspaper, and radio reporters to hear the Democratic Party of Hawaii, along with the Hawaii County Council and the League of Women Voters, as we call on state leaders to pass the Big Island Public Funding Bill -- HB 661 with amendments.

          Come grab a t-shirt and join us!


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