Monday, February 11, 2008


Commemorative Superferry pictures

The Superferry goes into drydock on Wednesday. Dick Mayer captured the scene today. With clear skies and calm seas, this is probably as good a day as the ferry will see.

Since I'm over on Oahu I've not seen the infamous barge before, or how it has to be pushed into place by the tugboat. Aside from the cost of the tug, it might be a reasonable solution if the water were always calm. I'd love to see a video of it jumping around in typical winter waves, though. I'm an engineer, you see, and engineers who design products that only work under ideal conditions are made to find another profession pretty quickly, in other parts of the country, at least.

Here are Dick's pictures. Click each for larger version.


Superferry arrives in Kahului

SF arriving in kahului 2-11-08

Barge ready to receive Superferry.

Barge ready to receive SF 2-11-08

The tug holds the barge in place against the pier.

Tug Boat holding Barge in Place 2-11-08

Superferry docked. Now you see how the barge thing works.

SF docked at Pier 2 2-11-08

Yes, other people use the harbor. Here is a pic Dick shot including the canoe hales.

Sf and the Canoe hales 2-11-08

More pics:

SF's Leading blades

SF approaching Kahului 2-11-08

Tug Boat pushing Barge in Place 2-11-08


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