Friday, February 29, 2008


Auditor's report on state administration's actions re Superferry due tomorrow

by Larry Geller

Act 2 of the 2nd special session of 2007 included the requirement for an audit, to be delivered on March 1:

The auditor shall conduct a performance audit on the state administration's actions in exempting certain harbor improvements to facilitate large capacity ferry vessels from the requirements of conducting an environmental assessment or environmental impact statement under chapter 343, Hawaii Revised Statutes.  The audit shall also include the state administration's actions in not considering potential secondary environmental impacts of the harbor improvements prior to granting the exemption from these requirements.

So there could be some weekend reading if the report is ready on schedule.

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Hey, um, what happened to this? Was March 1st the deadline? Don't mean to rush them, 'cause it may take more time than this to get to the bottom of it, but was March 1st important? Aloha, Brad

I called the office of the auditor this morning... there is no audit completed, and no estimate of when it might be done.

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