Saturday, January 19, 2008


Superferry numbers vs reality?

by Larry Geller

I couldn't say it better myself. (Thanks to Vivian Lerner for email pointing to this article):

Superferry Caught Lying Again

According to Pacific Business News:

When asked about the Dec. 21 letter, Terry O'Halloran, Superferry's director of business development, told PBN the Alakai was transporting about 160 passengers round trip on average, and 50 vehicles on average.

That conflicts with other recent news reports in which O'Halloran said passenger counts were averaging 200.

And it also conflicts with the actual on-Maui vehicle counts done by Brad Parsons

O'Halloran is blaming EIS-first proponents for his business failure but it is rather a situation where the EIS-first advocates identified the weaknesses in the plan and Superferry execs ignored them.

There is more worth reading in the above article, please click the first link and check out the whole thing.

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Yes, Karen's blog is the best way to remain current on the Superferry and Kahului Harbor. I won't be able timewise to post as much to mine. Karen's blog is headed in the right direction. Aloha, Brad

Brad, you've put in an awesome amount of work. I've never seen articles accompanied with so many links and references. Plus your photos and passenger counts.

All that is going to be a tough act to follow. Thanks for what you've done so far.

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