Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Superferry not in much demand

by Larry Geller

This just in from Maui via email—the vehicle count for January 21, 2008 (I'm not sure if the counter wants to be recognized, so for the moment, here is just the report):

Vehicles exiting the Superferry

Semi trucks (without the trailer) 2
Cars 13
Pick-up trucks (more then half were FULL of gear) 15
10 passenger vans 6
Suvs or Mini-vans 9
Motorcycles 2
Small buses 2

Of the 49 leaving the Superferry, 31 DID NOT have the letter "M" on their license plate.

Vehicles entering the Superferry

Cars 17
Trucks and all others 6

Yesterday was a holiday, perhaps that is related to the low numbers.


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What's the significance of an "M" (or absence thereof) on a license plate?

I think license plates beginning with "M" imply the car was registered on Maui.

So that would give a rough indication of how many Maui residents are riding the ferry (because someone who moves from (say) Oahu to Maui would have a car with a plate not beginning with "M").

The number of autos entering the Superferry is really quite pathetic. I am proud of the people of Maui in mass for seeing this thing for what it is. Even the people of Oahu seem to be catching on. You notice the number, content, and thrust of the letters to the editors on this? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about! Aloha, Brad

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