Thursday, January 31, 2008


Superferry: count of stranded vehicles

by Larry Geller

Many thanks to Dick Mayer for sending a count of vehicles stranded on Maui by the Superferry's five-day (so far) cancellation:

With regard to the number of cars stranded:

I went to the Kahului Harbor piers on Wednesday noon, and counted 4 rows of 7-8 cars probably waiting to be shipped back to Honolulu.  Several were large pick-ups.

I wonder if the SF folks will be reimbursing drivers who may have flown back home to Honolulu, so they can now fly back to get their vehicles, or will HSF require drivers to take the SF back to Maui (and charge them for the trip)?

Mahalo for keeping the issue alive (more alive than the SF).

--Dick Mayer  (Maui)

Several points I'd like to make on this, if I may:

  • Shouldn't we be reading about this in the big daily papers?
  • About 30+ individuals or families have been inconvenienced. Shouldn't legislators and the public be informed about this, especially given the large number of cancellations?
  • What does this say about low ferry utilization? There are only about 30 or so vehicles stranded. Maybe some owners shipped them back via Young Bros. barge, or maybe it means that very few people are using the ferry in the first place. Enquiring minds want to know.
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