Saturday, January 05, 2008


So much Disappeared News

by Larry Geller

So much to write about, if I had time to write and you to read. So news disappears even from Disappeared News.

What's have we forgotten?

Burma. Sudan. Congo, Palestine. Massacres, genocide, killing around the world. The killing goes on even if we never read about it.

How is East Timor doing these days, how is Aceh Province? How soon we forget.

Did you know that in 2005, NASA scientists studying the tsunami-inducing Indonesia earthquake of Dec. 26 discovered that it slightly changed Earth's shape and shifted the poles by about 1 inch? And I didn't report that. Sorry.

Kucinich. Gannett disappeared him from the Iowa debate. Are they trying to get us to forget him? Should newspapers work to influence opinion outside of their editorial pages?

Clinton. He was responsible for the "welfare reform" that drove single mothers into poverty and low-wage slavery. His sanctions killed probably a half-million Iraqi children. Hillary has chosen his advisors as her advisors. But we've forgotten.

Henry Kissinger. He's still around, giving his advice. How come he's not doing time yet? We've forgotten.

Last year the president of Sudan agreed to a cease-fire in the  Darfur region, but I think he forgot to do it.

Women's rights in Afghanistan. Forget about it. The USA did.

Here in Hawaii, the Legislature passed a couple of laws to provide relief from the excessive costs of prescription drugs. DHS head Lillian Koller was supposed to negotiate lower drug prices for Hawaii's seniors, those with disabilities, and those below a certain income level.  But I think she forgot about them. Or did the Governor put her foot down on Koller, to protect drug company interests so she can get elected to Congress? If that big boot were removed, would seniors have to choose between food and medicines?

Pedestrians were being killed in record numbers on our streets and crosswalks in early 2007. Hawaii still tops the entire country in pedestrian deaths in the older demographic, and injuries among school children are comparable or higher. But Governor Lingle hardened her heart and decided to forget about them, withholding $3 million that was to be spent on traffic safety. Never mind that there's a law saying it has to be spent.

I vaguely remember that we elected Democrats to Congress to end the war in Iraq. They did get elected, but someone forgot to end the war.

Check out also two remarkable Democracy Now programs featuring fast-paced reviews of 2007 with video and sounds. They are here and here.

Do you remember these names? They're all in the two programs:

Nancy Pelosi, Cindy Sheehan
President Bush, Sgt. Ronn Cantu, Leslie Cagan
Sen. Patrick Leahy, Zanku Armenian
Molly Ivins, Sami Al-Arian, Laila Al-Arian
Greg Palast, Rep. John Conyers, Salim Lone
Patrick Fitzgerald, Murray Waas
Dennis Kucinich, Jeremy Scahill, Don Imus
Rev. Al Sharpton, Bill McKibben, Louise Melling
Alberto Gonzales, Sen. Dianne Feinstein,
Seymour Hersh, Katrina Vanden Heuvel,
Ernesto Arce, Paul Rusesabegina, Don Cheadle
Sen. Daniel Akaka, General John Batiste
Majid and 9 yr old son Kevan
Ricardo Alarcon, Tony Blair, Joan Baez
Tariq Ali, Studs Terkel, Ted Shaw, Mona El-Farra
Rocky Anderson, Michael Moore, Ali Abinumah
Vanessa Redgrave, Dennis Brutus,
Joseph Wilson, Alan Johnston, Robert Bailey,
Caseptla Bailey, Marcus Jones, Helen Thomas,
President Bush, Rep. Dennis Kucinich,
Ward Churchill, Sen. Barack Obama,
Marjorie Cohn, Nydesha Foster, Angela Hegarty,
Amira Baraka, Nir Rosen, Camilo Mejia,
Grace Paley, Alberto Gonzales,
Sen. Larry Craig, Norman Finkelstein,
President Jimmy Carter, Sen. Robert Byrd,
Gen. David Petraeus, Rev. Al Sharpton,
Alan Greenspan, Naomi Klein, Mark Canning,
Rep, Danny Davis, Erik Prince,
Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jeremy Scahill,
Katie Redford, Yoko Ono, Bill McKibben,
Maher Arar, John Tanner, Jonathan Paul,
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Michael Mukasey,
Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, Mark Klein,
Evo Morales, Asma Jahangir, Wayne Barrett,
John Edwards, Noam Chomsky. Desmond Tutu,
Mitt Romney, John McCain, Nelson Mandela,
Lou Dobbs, Mohamed ElBaradei, Michael Ratner,
Mark Benjamin, Rev. Jesse Jackson,
Rajendra Pachauri, Al Gore, Jon Corzine,
Benazir Bhutto


Don't you forget... you can learn about news that the newspapers omit by tuning in to Democracy Now.



those wanting to keep up with what is happening in East Timor and Indonesia can check out the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network. Just go to

John, thanks for the link. Yes, that is the place to go, and they also could use our support.

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