Friday, January 11, 2008


Looney Tunes is in charge of my computer service today

by Larry Geller

It has been a bad RoadRunner day. If you are a RR customer, you may have had days like this, so you know what I'm writing about.

This morning my incoming email started bouncing back. It turns out that one of RR's mail servers is bouncing mail which it said is because of a blacklist they use. Except that the ip address it gave wasn't mine. Their server can't do simple math.

From experience, I know better than to call them on the phone. After a long wait, I'll just be asked to use the on-line chat. So I just went to their web page and did that. The analysts, in whichever country they were located, didn't have a clue and said they would transfer the chat to a network analyst. After one hour, that still was not done (it was a couple of hours ago, still nothing, but at least I'm not sitting around waiting for it anymore).

If you're still reading this you must be a geek too. So you'll appreciate this one. I next tried getting help by email. Here's what they sent back, after I typed the whole long story into their email form:


At least, it reminded me at the bottom, that I'm dealing with a Looney Tunes character. You remember the Looney Tunes tune? They should play it when displaying the above message.

So much for email help. Aha! I should email the Postmaster! I did. And here is what I got.


Yup. If I can't send a message to Postmaster, I should complain about that to Postmaster. To whom I cannot send a message, of course.

This whole thing has shortened my life by a couple of hours. Struggling with Consumer Reports' defective website and some others probably took another 30 minutes off my lifespan.

Probably lots more people are affected. I wish legislators would pass a law that when cable services are down they must automatically issue refunds to all affected.

They'd be humming a different tune if they could not profit from their mistakes.

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Yet another reason I cut the cable.RR too expensive and down too often. HawTel DSL has gone down twice in 3+ years. And it's cheaper

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