Tuesday, January 29, 2008


4th cancellation in a row for Superferry

by Larry Geller

… and airlines have reduced fares in a February promotion: $29 tickets renew airfare battle. They're more reliable too, though there's still the inconvenience of that TSA inspection and harassment.

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summer may never come for garibaldi.

Yeah, shucks, they may have to scrap this idea and sell the boat to the Navy or something like that, too bad.

The hidden problem here is that the poorly designed ($10+ million) Superferry barge has been moved to one of our freight docks and has created a crisis in our interisland freight.

We can't wait for Garibaldi to finish going bankrupt. We need that useless barge out of Kahului Harbor now

gosh folks cant we just be patient and wait this out. good things in good time(hahaha)!

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