Thursday, December 20, 2007


Superferry needs to be stopped until it watches for whales, checks for contraband, and prevents the spread of Varroa mites

by Larry Geller

Via Brad Parsons I learned that the Superferry/Hornblower may not be watching for whales and won't watch at all this month. Nor are they inspecting coolers for opihi or other contraband.

This needs to be verified and if true, someone should intervene. Who? I don't expect the Governor to act.

As I wrote yesterday, bees were discovered that may already have spread the deadly Varroa mite to Maui. If the ferry has not already spread the Varroa mites, continued inaction will guarantee that they get there in time.


This morning I was looked out from Napili, Maui, toward Molokai and saw a pod of whales breaking the water. Couldn't help thinking, they are not "with Gov. Lingle's program," and "better watch out guys, 'cuz Superferry's not lookin' out for you." I still don't understand how Lingle can think this is not whale season. Aloha, Brad

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